Our person-centered, solution-focused design starts with a complimentary home or virtual visit. Once we understand your vision of how you want to live, we present multiple options for working with us. Choose from the selections below.

Safety Inspections

Our detailed safety inspection is a tool to determine if you home is set up to support your physical, social and emotional needs. We can give you the information to help you choose to stay in your home or if moving is a better option.

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Interior Design

You want your home to be beautiful and accessible - a comfortable place where you can easily entertain family and friends. We start with the function and then guide you with the best colors, textures, and materials all while respecting the budget.

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Our building process allows us to assemble all of the elements in function, harmony, and quality.  You’ll know what is happening and when.  In the end - you won't be able to imagine your home being any other way.

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Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms offer a safe and engaging space for a family member with autism, dementia, and anyone facing neurological challenges. They are known to provide sensory comfort, stress reduction, and educational opportunities. We believe in improving quality of life for individuals and their families. 

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