The holidays have lots of ins and outs, so if you have family members and friends with mobility challenges, consider making those transitions a little easier.

Here are 6 recommendations:

  1. Keep sidewalks and ramps shoveled
    Even though you may have already shoveled, make sure to remove any extra slippery spots with additional salt. Snow melts and turns to slippery ice so be sure to put salt on sidewalks and ramps.

  2. Rent a ramp or install one permanently
    Aluminum/metal ramps are the most durable in a Minnesota winter. Ramps can be rented for 24-hours, weeks, and months. Cost varies from one company to another. If you’re looking for something more permanent, custom-made concrete ramps are a good investment, and can be designed to match the landscape. Heating elements can also be placed within to prevent ice from building up during a Minnesota winter.

  3. Pre-order a safe ride
    RideCare or Handi-cab rides are available and will help your loved one feel more independent. It will also free you up to focus on the finishing touches that will make your holiday brighter.

  4. Increase lighting at the entrance and exit of the ramp
    This lighting will make it much easier to see the start and finish of the ramp and can be portable or permanently installed.
  5. Install functional temporary stabilizing bars in and around bathrooms
    Temporary stabilizing bars are available for purchase, and for rent. Many are free-standing, but sturdy, and fit into place around the toilet stool and other challenging areas.

  6. Make a walker or wheelchair available for guests
    Keep guests with gate issues safer and more comfortable by offering them assistance. Walkers and wheelchairs are available for rent. 

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