Access Design + Build creates spaces that help grow a person’s capacity to enjoy safer and happier living. Committed to enhancing quality of life for people with neurological challenges, we work with a team of experts to design and build sensory rooms.

People experiencing physical, emotional, psychological, sensory or developmental challenges can greatly benefit from these environments. They are custom tailored to meet an individual’s need for comfort, creativity, and happiness. They are also intended to reduce stress.

The sensory approach reaches to support a spectrum of people, such as, but not limited to, those experiencing the influence from Parkinson's disease, autism spectrum, anxiety and depression.

The design elements of sensory rooms help support the capacity for learning and living, and include:

  • Lighting
  • Sound treatments to reduce noise
  • Visual elements to support and identify the environment
  • Physical components to improve comfort and safety

Snoezelen® Rooms

You may have heard of Snoezelen multi-sensory environments that help reduce agitation and anxiety. They are designed to calm and stimulate the senses with color, sound, scents, lighting, and music. The rooms can be customized with provisions like soft play areas that provide protection from harm, as a result of difficult behaviors. If you like Snoezelen concepts, we can incorporate them into the rooms we create for you.

You want all members of your family to live in a comfortable home without barriers, complications, or uncertainty Our mission is your comfort, capacity, and quality of life. Let’s talk about how we can help you accomplish that with a sensory room.