Past generations looked forward to moving into senior communities, free from the responsibility of owning a home, but today’s empty nesters have a different outlook. Most Baby Boomers want to remain in their homes for their foreseeable future, often requiring a little remodeling as they age to meet their changing needs.

There are a wide range of remodeling solutions for aging in place, from less complicated with less cost to more extensive at a higher cost. On the lower end, people are switching out cabinetry, counter tops and stove tops, with accessible accessories. Pull-down shelving, slide- out cabinets, and adjustable countertops make everyday tasks easier, whether you’re standing with a walker or sitting in a wheelchair. These products are about freedom, comfort, flexibility, and self-reliance and can be installed in your home without having to do a full remodel.

A more detailed remodel will make moving around your home easier and safer as you age. In the bathroom, comfort height toilets, decorator grab bars, and adding a bench to the tub or shower area are typical solutions. You can add value by widening spaces, changing out cabinetry, installing a curbless shower, and upgrading your lighting will make everyday living easier and safer.

Kitchens are being transformed with the help of new technology that makes it possible to keep cooking and entertaining. Adjustable cook tops and ovens that open to the side make it easier to prepare a meal from a seated position. Open area under sinks make it possible to sit while you clean and cut vegetables, and lighting up the insides of your cabinetry make it easier to see where you put your crock pot, as well as telling you where the countertop edge is.

Other areas such as doorways may need to be widened in your home, thresholds lowered, and doorknobs replaced withlever handles that are easier to operate. Replacing carpet with flooring such as hard wood and tile with heated floors will also allow you to move more freely with a walker or wheelchair in your home, if the time comes.

There are two (should we say 3?) important things to remember when remodeling for aging in place:

  1. Remodeling an older home may involve bringing things up to code, which adds costs to your project.
  2. A remodeled home that makes it possible for you to age in place can also be beautiful, appealing for resale, and add value to your home.
  3. Access Design + Build clients believe remodeling is worth the price to remain in the home they love.

What are your plans? During your complimentary home visit, we will listen and learn about you, your challenges, and your vision for aging in place. And, together, we’ll determine the steps to take towards living barrier-free.