We all find places in our homes that are difficult to reach, get to, or keep organized. As we age or new challenges arrive in our lives, our homes can become even more difficult to manage and use over time.

Regardless of your situation, accessible accessories are here to remove obstacles and the stress of everyday inconveniences. They can enhance the beauty of your living space, improve livability, and promote safety. Of course, we have our favorites, so we'll discuss the five that top our list.

Our Top Five Accessible Accessories

1. Wall Pull-down Shelving Unit

These chic shelving units provide fashionable and convenient storage solutions. The pulldown design allows easy access without struggling to reach items at the top of your cabinet. The units come in various configurations and sizes to fit your kitchen or bathroom cabinet model. Once installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

2. Blind Corner Pull-out Unit

For a kitchen designed with the worst cabinet known to humankind, a blind corner pull-out unit is an absolute must. This accessory unit is perfect for everyone stuck with a regular corner cabinet because it allows access to all your storage with just one reach. Ask about installing this hidden treasure immediately to save your knees and your back!

3. Two- or Three-Level Pull-out Utensil Organizer

A pull-out utensil organizer is another great way to keep your kitchen clutter free, with everything right there where you need it. This modern organizing system makes accessing essential items like cooking utensils a breeze to reach. It even includes adjustable space below for additional cooking necessities. It’s a marvelous advancement!

4. Hairstyling Organizer with Plug-ins

A hairstyling organizer with plug-ins allows you to store curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, combs, and brushes in one convenient location. We can also add a charging outlet to this cabinet so you can conveniently recharge your phone or tablet while you’re getting ready. Pampering has never been so easy—and so much fun!

5. Closet Rod Pull-down Unit

Last but not least, the closet rod pull-down unit is a fantastic way to make your closet more accessible. The rod can be brought down to waist level effortlessly, so you can see everything in the light. You’re able to reach and choose all items in your closet. With this favorite, the closet search is no longer a dreaded chore!

Functional Elegance

Fortunately, for many people, these and other home accessories are available to keep you safe and independent while enhancing your lifestyle. They're durable and aesthetically pleasing. Like any other tools, they will last a very long time when used properly. (Plus, they're really cool to show off to your friends!)
At Access Design + Build, we strive throughout our entire process to eliminate barriers and create spaces that are easy for you to move through, use, and enjoy. We’d be honored to work together to find the right accessory that adds more stylish comfort, beauty, and safety to your home.