There are times when we realize our home is not as convenient or accommodating as we’d like. And most often, it’s the little things that seem the most puzzling. When routine activities become difficult, you look for a simpler solution. And we have those for you!

When faced with a disability, such as mobility challenges or neurological issues, it’s especially important to create an environment of ease and comfort. That's why many homeowners are adding automation to their homes and loving our universal design options to make life easier.

At its core, home automation involves using electronic and wireless technology to enhance regular activities. Motion sensors turn lights on when someone enters a room, and voice commands turn lights off. Remote controls adjust thermostats on air conditioning units, and doors are safely locked, all with the press of a button. An easy touch can also open or close the shades in your bedroom.

Universal Design

These days, when universal design principles are paired with home automation technology, everyone can control their environment and level of comfort regardless of ability. And while neurological issues do present unique challenges, we have modern systems to address them. These automations give individuals a consistent routine and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.
For example, individuals with sensory processing disorders may benefit from using automated curtains or blinds that can be programmed to open and close at certain times, reducing sensory overload in their environment. Likewise, with some basic customization, homeowners can program lights to be turned on in the morning and play calming music at bedtime.

Automation Solutions

With other neurological conditions, such as Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis, individuals may experience difficulty operating devices or performing accurate hand movements. In these situations, voice-activated controls can also help people function independently and control their environment without having to struggle with physical effort.

Your kitchen makeover can create a beautifully enjoyable area with amazing functionality. Electric cabinet doors open easily. You’ll love the height-adjustable base cabinets and automatic, pull-out trash containers. Just imagine a center island that can be adjustable heights for anyone in the family. Our adjustable cooking surfaces make meal preparation a joy!

Accessories That Simplify

In addition to technological automation, there are several non-technical accessories that can enhance daily life. These include lever door handles as a replacement for standard round doorknobs, specialized handles for windows, rocker light switches, and additional levels on worktop surfaces to provide accessibility for all family members.

Automation is a valuable tool for all individuals, especially those with disabilities who want independence and to improve their quality of life. Chances are that whatever home automation ideas you have, we can help accessorize your home to make it work even better for you.

Creative Ideas You’ll Love

Ready to fall in love with your home’s design, layout, and charm once again? Incorporating automation technologies and equipping your home to meet your needs will help you enjoy greater independence, accessibility, and peace of mind—all in comfort and style.
At Access Design + Build, we are committed to using universal and accessible design to create environments that support our clients with physical challenges. With almost three decades of experience, we leave nothing to chance to ensure your home is safe, beautiful, and customized for you.