Successful projects begin and end with clear communication. As a business owner, I’m always in search of systems that will help me keep my projects in order, so I can better serve my clients. There are a lot of moving parts with a home remodel, and I want to keep those parts moving smoothly.

When you hire me to remodel your home, or make some adjustments to help you live barrier free, you’ll know what’s happening with your project from day to day; when crews are scheduled to arrive, where they will be working, and how long it will take. I don’t want you to have to look through your emails and text messages to get this information. Clear communication with Access Design + Build is made possible with Houzz Pro, our easy to use project management software.

It’s possible that you have shopped Houzz on the consumer side or found some great decorating ideas on their website. On the contractor side, my team successfully uses Houzz Pro software to communicate with clients. In fact, we continue to welcome new referrals because of the transparency of this process and the easy access homeowners have to important information. With any remodeling project, changes sometimes occur due to back ordered products, a plumbing pipe you didn’t know was in your wall, or a crew member who comes down with the flu. But with the Houzz software system, we can quickly notify you of the change in your project schedule. And, there is a transference of knowledge that is beneficial to all parties.

Access to Documents and Materials

With our Houzz project management system, you’ll have your own private dashboard with access to all of your documents, material selections, and 3-D renderings. Everything is in one place, so you can source it any time of day or night. Our clients also find the project calendar helpful for seeing project deadlines. You’ll know when we’ll be in your home, how long we’ll be there, what will be accomplished, and when we’ll be done. As exciting as it is to remodel and create a new space, it’s reassuring to see when your home will be yours again.

With Houzz Pro software, we improve your customer experience and reduce stress, while building a space you will enjoy for years to come. At Access Design + Build, your happiness is our bottom line. We design, remodel and build environments to empower the whole person and provide for your comfort, helping you lead a happy and productive life. Our project software is key to your positive experience, while also being a good project management system for our business.